Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have always been curious about what makes a perfect friend. I mean watching television shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S and see a life of ups and downs. At the start of my life I didn't have friends like I do now. I used to be very shy and always kept to myself. This made me hate myself until one day in school I said 'What the heck!' let me talk to someone. I ended up becoming friends with the most popular in girl in my class. This was great as I got to know everyone and year after year I became the most popular person in school. That was great until I entered college who all my past friends drifted apart and I started again alone and all to myself. It is not easy to get to talk to people as everyone is in their own circle of groups with their friends. As you may know when you grow older it is not like when you were a kid. As a kid we could play around and laugh and be in our world. Well I had made friends in GUST first and then at ACK. It took time but it was worth it. I have friends who mean a lot to me and well without them life would be worthless. Recently I have come to making friends online and interact once again with the opposite gender. It isn't as easy as it used to be and I have to say I'm not a perfect friend. I make mistakes ... I know shocker right. Well friendship is very important and keeping your best friends close is the way to go. For me some of my friends turn into brothers and sisters as well. One of my sister/friend is getting married soon so I am not allowed to talk to her anymore. Anyways rant today is about connecting with people.

P.S. Who ever said there is nothing to do in Kuwait? Mate you're hiding under a shell because I for one am having a blast at socializing.

I posted about EEK!, well now here is something else I learnt from them about socializing with other people in Kuwait.

Most of the people here complain that there is nothing to do and sit in their apartments the whole day whining while there is something they can obviously do.

I found out about this group of interesting individuals who meet up on the weekends somewhere exciting and it changes regularly. It is a way to make friends and socialize with different people. Click on the picture above to find out more.


  1. What has her marriage got to do with you not allowed to talk to her ?

    1. It is forbidden for a woman to talk to any male form besides her husband or father or brother after marriage. It is the way life is here. You make friends and when they get married you have to part ways.