Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kuwait going downhill

Just as you think things will get better you seen something that really works on your mind.

I haven't shared this on the blog before but I was searching for true love in the wrong places. I ended up on social apps like eBuddy XMS, Kik Messenger, Palringo, Nimbuzz, WhosHere, Say Hi!, Skout, Badoo, Banjoo, Live Profile and the list goes on and on and on.

Here is the problem. You will find out that many of the women are Arabs and cannot really marry an Expat. These women are mainly there because they're bored and have nothing else to do. Some of them are horny and will sleep with almost anyone for a certain amount of money. (Not if you're a bedoo or a police officer) You will find Filipinos who have a nice personality but don't trust easily and this is because of all the lies the Arab guys feed them. A major problem I go through daily is the racism from people who have brains the size on the seed of an olive. Many of the guys and gals I have had the opportunity to speak to have immediately judged based on looks. I am Arab. My mixture is so complex that I can easily state I am a global citizen and since when has nationality become a big part of who people are. I fear people are lost and don't know how to think right. A person like me is not limited to one part of the world as my family originally used to be philanthropists and thus my background is spread over most of the continents which go from Europe, to Africa and into the Middle East and Asia. Please don't judge with your eyes.

Another thing I have noticed in Kuwait and the GCC is that due to the sick segregation which slowly is starting to cool off but still present in society is causing the society to become sick. I don't know if families are proud of raising lesbians and gays? Because the percentage of lesbians and gays in comparison to countries like the US are higher among the Arab regions. This is becoming worse as there is something known as Booyat which are girls who want to be boys and she males which are guys who are becoming girls.

Finally and this is the most depressing, a young lady on WhosHere had a question to the members of the app which I screenshot to prove we are living in a weird society.
Translation: Please respond !!
                  Please whom ever knows a doctor or clinic that closes an open woman should tell.

This is a shocker! To see a 20 year old girl who is asking for this.


  1. wow! quite chocking... will write about that if you don't mind and mention this post