Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not any ordinary Human: Thinking

Well this is a strange post but something I wanted to get out of my chest. I'm no ordinary person. I have a problem. The problem is simple. I think too much. Now I know you must be going hang on a minute we all suffer from this. We just cannot switch our brains off. But wait there is more.

I suffer from over thinking things that are out of my control and yet I want to solve them. These are aspects like:
  • Eliminating Poverty
  • Annihilate Corruption
  • Rid Slavery
  • Better life

Now everyone thinks oh wow interesting but many other people think about this and talk about improving the world. Do you know I find it hard to sleep because I know that this is going on in the World. It is hard to focus knowing that someone is going through hardship in life. There is food on my plate and yet someone is starving somewhere else. How can I help them? What can I do. I love to give charity but it isn't enough and you never know where the charity goes unless you give it to the person it is destined to go to by hand. I am only 22 years old and this problem started to occur in my life when I was much younger. I think it was when I was 10 or maybe younger. I told you I'm no ordinary person but what can I do to solve this problem. I can switch off my brain but the heart is never going to be satisfied.

I get hurt a lot reading of what happens in the Kuwait let alone if I knew what happened in the World. I used to go to a blog called Kuwait Exposed where I read about everything sick you can think of. They have stopped posting but if you read it you will feel shocked or say this is not possible but these are some of the things that happen in our society. Recently I've read in the newspaper about the police officer who raped a Filipino woman and felt sick. He is put in a position where everyone should feel safe with his presence and yet some of the police (not all) take advantage of their positions. I know of very good police officers who are fed up of what is going on in Kuwait. Wasta is a big problem in Kuwait and crime goes on. It is hard to understand how this happens but it does. This is also part of this post as I hope justice is served. I have read in LWDLIK that he will be castrated but I would go with another option seen in the picture.

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