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The Kuwaiti Godfather

The names 'The Kuwaiti Godfather' also can be seen in some comments as 'TKG'

I have seen this on some other blogs (well here) and since I have a lot I want my readers to know about me I decided why not try it. I'm new to blogging though I have had this blog for a while just sitting around :D I'm still working on the kinks of setting it up so bare with me ;)

1- I'm half British from my dad's side. He was born in Malawi though ... weird I know
2- The other half is South African from my mum's side. Mum's smart and cool which is why I'm very proud of her. I do have some of her traits but unfortunately my looks I gained from my dad.
3- I was born in Kuwait during the Gulf War on the 18th of August 1990 at Farwaniya Hospital. I hear that there weren't any doctors helping women out who were in labor though I was lucky that day and time since it was like an angel came to my mums rescue and left. Lucky me :p
4- I have been through torture when I was a kid and yeah when I say torture I mean it i.e. tied up, tortured, beaten up, locked in rooms for more than hours maybe even days .... burnt once .... left on the side of the road .... slapped around for no reason .... guess dad wasn't perfect and am so luck he is no longer in my life.
5- After parents separation, I lived with mum ... I was raised by the kindest and best man I have ever met who loved me. He was Saudi and a Bedouin and I learnt a lot from him. I considered him my dad and I keep talking in past tense because unfortunately he passed away.
6- That  was the saddest day of my life. Felt my heart was ripped out of my chest.
7- Ancestral background - Indian > I know culturally I don't fit in anywhere and that I can forget about heritage.
8- Also I'm a 'Bani Adam' just like the rest of Man kind. I hate racism and discrimination.
9- I treat people the way I prefer to be treated ;D
10- Wish I was Kuwaiti so i wouldn't confuse everyone where I'm from. I look Arab but I am not.
11- I'm a caring person, always try to be a gentleman
12- Peace is a better solution than violence though if it comes down to war I stand my ground.
13- Interested in ethical business practices that are unique to find on this side of the World.
14- Patriotic to Kuwait no matter where it states I come from since there is a lot that I've been through in Kuwait. A lot of history
15- Although I prefer everything to go my way or it's the highway :p I like working in teams as it can reduce the pressure as work loads can get very heavy.
16- Currently I study at the Australian College of Kuwait. I am studying Business Management in the Degree Department. I graduated from the Australian College of Kuwait and it is time to look for a job and start my life.
17- I love kids as they are so cute. Also a kid always smiles and is happy (unless they are crying) therefore they make me happy too.
18- Yeah I'm chubby but that shouldn't stop you from getting to know me. I believe that a person can change the way they look but not the way they think or feel easily.
19- My current solution to #18 is I go to gym (Crowne Plaza gym - Nautilus Fitness Centre)
20- Drive a Trailblazer
21- Enjoy meeting new people and getting to interact with sophisticated people.
22- I love to learn since I don't have the answers to everything (though everyone always thinks I do)
23- I'm no longer a dreamer since I haven't slept comfortably in a long time though my desired dream would be to eliminate poverty and this till today is my desire to accomplish. Corruption is also on my list.
24- I'm single and this may never change (been in 1 relationship that lasted a day haha :p)
25- I've been said I'm smart but I don't like to brag and don't want everyone to believe this (misuse)
26- No ... really no, I don't have the British Accent.
27- I am funny and I know it :D
28- Being a gentleman is so cool but so many people don't understand this concept no more. Yeah I am still an open the door, escort and formal wearing type of guy.
29- I hate people who like to play games that involves the heart (or any game for that matter that hurts another human being or even animals)
30- Yeah I can get emotional at times.
31- I hate jerks and players and pimps.
32- I love to be an inspiration to people.
33- I hate being praised :(
34- I don't know everything, I am not perfect and I am not the best looking human being on earth.
35- I stick to my friendship and am loyal.
36- My secret desire is to just leave what I'm doing at any moment and drive to the beach and sit on the sand as I look up in the sky and the sea and feel in peace.
37- I hate having to say this but I'm going through a phase in life that is scary and I call it the negative phase. No it's not a male period!!
38- I have traveled but I hate trips that are far especially to Australia and South Africa.
39- I used to be a romantic fanatic :$ The boy who runs with a rose after a gal who is running after the jerk. I'm into listening and paying attention to detail. I also like the whole idea of long walks on the beach, carrying the gal when she is tired on my shoulders and taking care of my soul mate Yes this phase is dead for now :(
40- I don't remember what a hug feels like :'(
41- Social media is so cool because I can be crying while I'm sending smiley faces to everyone I talk to :D
42- I'm not much of an out goer but over the weekends I have started to try and go out.
43- This is important!! I am not a smoker, nor an alcoholic drinker (Muslim), nor do I do drugs natural or what not.
44- I am also not into soccer (football as it's called here) I enjoy rugby and wrestling though but not obsessed
45- I do go to the grave yard every week
46- There is something wrong with me because I find it is hard to tell people NO
47- Spending time in my room is like the best thing ever, it is like my miniature castle.
48- I want to learn many things like how to ride a horse, how to program, how to start a project, how to be a better human being. I also need lessons in talking to the opposite gender apparently.
49- Technology fanatic *my hand is up in the air* yes I am hehe
50- I don't like eating in public but I'm getting used to it though.
51- This must be the weirdest thing but I'm into Khalleji Songs main emphasis on Emirati and Saudi artists.
52- Wish I could learn the Yolah :D
53- When I'm down I compare myself to characters from cartoons like Shrek and Kung Fu Panda :p
54- I enjoy cooking and want to study culinary as a hobbie.
55- There is always a need for change but it takes time to adjust.
56- I hate slow drivers, they make me angry for nothing.
57- I want to own an Iron Man suit someday
58- Dancing sometimes cools me down.
59- I'm more into old muscle then new plastics *Chevelle SS and '95 Impala SS*
60- I have done things in my life that I'm not proud of and know that it is hard to fix those errors.
61- I have lost a lot of friends in my life but I don't know why? We were friends for like 5-7.5 years
62- I'm not scared of dying especially since the World has become depressing though I'm still alive since it's not prescribed to commit suicide *I don't want to go to hell* and I have a purpose in life that I need to accomplish.
63- Many have told me that my ideas are really great and creative and that I'm an innovator but I have been said to be crazy to think this way.
64- I can understand Arabic but I find it hard to speak Arabic - I don't have the accent either, I have been said to sound Italian :p I don't know how
65- Say bad words to me suck as F*** U, Ba$t@rd, Retarded, piece of crap, a**hole etc. etc. and my response will be simple: "Thank You" *with a smile*
66- I am generous when it comes to money though don't try because at the moment I'm broke.
67- I am a giver but never a taker
68- When I see beauty I compliment it even if it's not my place to do so. Honesty is the best philosophy is what I go by.
69- My favorite color is Silver and Black with a hint of Red and Black.
70- I'm not a pink person nor a purple nor anything in between.
71- Horny gays are my mortal enemies as they find it hard to stop harassing me :( I have nothing against gays just the horny ones.
72- I don't like to make a big scene
73- Center of attention is a no no.
74- I won't change my appearance to please anybody - No Body building with 6 pack abs or steroids just like what most guys do here.
75- You get what you see.
76- Never judge a book by it's cover just like you should never judge a person by word on the street or by the way he/she looks. Also previous experiences shouldn't stop you from meeting someone new: remember there is good and bad in life.
77- Don't remember the last time I went to a Chalet
78- I like collecting stuff to make a collection - Mobile phones, telephone cards, chains, knives, 1:18 model cars etc...
79- I feel like I've shared too much and yet there is so much more.
80- I'm VAP - Virgin and Proud (saving myself in case I do get married ;p)
81- I know that I'm different to most people. I am unique and my way of thinking is special but hey everyone can be the same if they stop being sheep :D
82- I love the rain - Dancing in the rain is a dream among dancing on the road like a lunatic.
83- I hate spelling mistakes they make me heat up.
84- I am warm blooded ... that's so bad when I'm in a bad mood, pissed off or angry.
85- I make my own style of fashion although it maybe old school or out of style.
86- I don't know how to swim.
87- I wish I could own a yacht someday and live in it and sail the world. I tried jet skiing recently and loved it.
88- I have respect for law enforcers - wanted to become one (maybe MI6 will recruit me in the UK :p)
89- Have no idea why people think I look Kuwaiti? I hope I resolve this someday since I've also been called Hawaiian, Iraqi, Saudi, etc...
90- I like everything to be in its place. This is excruciatingly hard to accomplish.
91- Patience is essential in life but I don't enjoy things moving slow.
92- My inspiration in the 21st Century is .... (you will find out soon!!)
93- I have been a victim once but I don't want to talk about it. It hurts when I see or hear others who have been victims as well.
94- People always want things but I can settle for my needs :)
95- I am glad I am a blogger, I wish I started earlier.
96- I know The Godfather emphasized on Mafia and extortion with racketeering but when I call myself The Godfather I am looking at the phase of being a family man as well as having my close friends close to me. Also I love to get things done.
97- I have experience in working for reputable corporations as well as community work.
98- Friendship is a great asset and meeting new people is a fascinating thing that everyone has to do
99- If you want me to answer any specific questions please ask away by commenting below or here.
100- Thank you for reaching the end of this 100 list of random things about me. Hope you enjoy this blog :)


  1. No one commented because everyone is lost in the crowd has sight but no vision have body but no soul have flesh but no spirit.. I commented here after reading because I am not lost with todays crowd..

    1. Thank you for your comment runner and I am glad you took the time to read about me. I need to re-write this I guess. And I have a lot more to write about.

    2. I am glad you have the sight, the soul and spirit. That makes you someone special and interesting. It is always nice to know there are true people out in the World :)

  2. Your welcome - Thanks God - I sure have been tempted to take the wrong road but my spirit never felt at ease hence I always turned back.. (Do you have an email? I'd like to share something you may find interesting.. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you for turning back and you can share anything with me through the contact page or directly email theq8tygodfather@gmail.com

  3. for a second i was like * ok he's being honest *
    then it hit me * TO MUCH INFO * joking joking but sounds like your advertising yourself for 1 lucky lady but why not make it special and just leave the details a mystery for her to discover :P
    unless you want her to understand you from the start which i think youve done very well
    anyway its nice to know what the person is like when you read their blogs ^^
    and i decided to comment since well its 4 am in the morning and i seem to be awake lol

    now back to reading * still at number 10 ROFL *

    1. Omg 40 almost made me cry * hugs * hope a cyber hug is enough lol
      45 weird and a bit spooky
      46 is a natural thing to me
      71 LOL just flat out LOL
      74 is a true fact

      and to save myself comenting on every statment * which some of them i passed since its 5 am in the morning lol * i say not bad report about yourself i feel like i know you alread ^^

    2. Firstly, thank you for such a great sense of humor Anonymous. Secondly, it is rare to find the lucky lady *soul mate* I am not here to advertise as it is pointless :p Usually the first 3 points confuses a woman and then she ignores me :D Anyways, there is still a lot left out that can only be discovered in person. The includes how polite and shy I can be as well as a gentleman *don't tell all the girls because that's what they want* I didn't know I have readers up at 4AM.

      40: Virtual cyber hugs are okay I guess lol Don't know if they feel the same though
      45: A very good friend died :( Well actually my only best friend and it is good to go there are pray :)
      46: It is natural but sometimes you get asked to do a bit too much and you want to say no but you cannot.
      71: LMAO I forgot about that one. They still annoy me ;p
      74: Why change? We are all different in our own pleasing way. A lot of girls tell me if only I was thin and with 6 packs and built then she would fancy me. Hahahaha are they for real? She thinks she is asking for a Ferrari parked in front of her ;p Also all the muscles and stuff is just an image which only lasts for a short time.

      Please tell me you went to sleep at 5AM. Hehehe well there is a lot more to me but it gets boring if I said everything. Thank you Anonymous for making my day a pleasant one :) *Now my turn to find out about you* joking

    3. no i sadly didnt sleep 5 am xd I just got busy with a basterd -.- * a dog no im serious a real dog he kept barking from 5 am in the morning cause he saw the trees move*
      anyway im glad i made your day ^^

      and i totally understand the muscle thing ! although their are a few good hearted woman * no im serious their are in kuwait , omg im not lying their are a few ! *

      in this country hot or not if he's a boy he's gonna get caught * did i just ryhme lol *

      but the best thing the best thing ever ! if when they stop the traffic because their teasing their prey * wahoo.. not *

      and sorry about number 45 !! i didnt know that just proves what a nice guy you are, you keep your loved one close even after death * GIRLS THIS GUYS A CATCH !! *

      the boring things should make a girl happy, she should perfer the little things

      and about finding out about me * silly thats why im anonymouse to be a complete mystery ! xD

    4. I am sorry you didn't sleep but please tell me you did eventually sleep. Barking at the trees moving ;p Yes you did make my day :D

      There are a few rare and unique good hearted women but there is one thing. They're all taken ;p Seriously who would leave a good hearted woman alone in this society? Maybe one day I'll find her *day dreams about my soul mate*

      Great rhyme and I'll wait for someone to catch me :D Hehehe I do want to get caught by the right woman.

      Teasing is a big problem in Kuwait. The traffic will never stop. I wish it did!!

      I keep closed ones close even after death because they were my whole life. He was with me ever since I was a young kid and through all the ups and downs. I am a catch but no one realizes it until the *one* finally decides she wants me in her life.

      The boring thing should make a girl happy as some people have nothing. The little things in life are what make it ultimately special. Too bad what I have in mind are as little as a rose a day up to the dream of traveling with my woman all over *cover the whole world*

      The mystery is interesting. You're a genuine person to say the least and thank you for your amazing words. I won't assume in this instance but you're good hearted to say the least and must be caught by one lucky person :D