Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Economic Death

So my plans of looking for a job are on a hold. I am not going to work for the man but rather be a better man then the man is. I have recently learnt a lot of shocking things that have just added the question WHY?? to my mind.

An average retail worker has to work a lot of hours to earn an income that is not worth the time he puts into it. I have spoken to employees as certain retail stores who work from 8AM until 10PM 6 days a week to earn a lousy 300KD a month. This is unethical and immoral in so many different ways. Another chap informed me that he works from 10AM to 10PM daily with only a few hours off on Friday to go to pray. Is it really worth it :( Personally I cannot take that stress in my life as suicide as an option sometimes creeps into my mind. Don't ask me why? or go get help it just does.

I am planning to start working on a small project to make money but in something I'm passionate about. I have a lot on my mind and that is why I have been away for so long. Not to mention that the depression catches up now and then and you feel like you heading no where.

I have been to three job interviews until now with nothing that would give me the urge to work for long. I want to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face saying: "Hey! It is time to work. Get up and get there and enjoy your day". Knowing that most people would say that just take any job and go with the flow like the rest but I am not the rest. I'm not a normal person. While normal people don't mind cheating and picking up any girl off the streets, I on the other hand move 180 degrees the other way. I know too much I's but what to do :( A stressed young adult starting his life is hard. Where to begin, what to do. Graduated from University which wasn't easy to finally end up doing nothing :/

I am going to take each day step by step and if anyone is reading I'm going to let you know what I'm up to. No one wants to give decent jobs to newly graduates, well I will make jobs that are way better for graduates than any company could ever provide.


  1. Hang in there H. Good things come to those who wait. Ill be seeing YOU soon.

    1. Thanks Anonymous. I am hanging in there and trying to focus on everything else besides my problem. My biggest problem is patience and a lack of time. A hint of shyness is also a problem I need to overcome :)

      I hope to see you very soon ;)

  2. The Job situation in Kuwait is sad :(

    But don't you dare give up - know that there are people out there praying for you and hoping the best for you

    I have a suggestion (you don't have to agree to it): my friend had done this: she applied in a well known company in Kuwait and seeing that the interview wasn't going too well for her, she suggested to the interviewer to allow her to work for that company for 3 months, without salary.
    She said that if after 3 months they think she is good, they could hire her. Or if they find that she is not suitable for the job, they could perhaps grant her a certificate of Internship at their company.
    They agreed to her request, she worked there for about 2 months and seeing that she was a hard worker and talented, they hired her.

    This is merely a suggestion: it worked for her, it may work for you too ... maybe you could try the same if you agree

    1. Thank you Anonymous for your comment and what a great idea. The problem is getting into the door and being granted an interview. I am trying my best to do everything to get a job.

      UPDATE: I had been to a 'Sales Executive' job vacancy interview where I got a on-the-job training but found it challenging as it was to run around Kuwait selling books to anyone you meet. You have to understand that I need to accept a job that will not affect our current situation. Once I get a job my mum looses the benefit of the monthly rental income which she gets from her job and I am expected to cover it then. If I accepted that job it was only half the rental money as my salary meaning I would have to find another way to pay off the rent which is not that easy. And this job requires no degree whatsoever so not really what I was aiming for but a very good start as I got some interview experience.

      Then from I got a job interview for a 'Business Administrator' which sounds like a great position. So I didn't receive a call and after about a week I went to visit the company to find out more about the vacancy. It turned out that I was almost a perfect candidate apart from the need for someone who can write Arabic too. I was depressed at this stage as the job was good but only because there is a 50% chance I would be asked to prepare a business proposal in Arabic I was told sorry but they will keep my CV on hand.

      I understand that when they see a person with a British Citizen walk in that immediately they have a problem with employing me as it is known that British and Americans are paid high salaries in Kuwait. But I am looking at Entry level jobs and let's see what happens. I haven't given up in working just in expecting to find a job that will develop me into the person I want to be. I want to be happy to go to work :)