Monday, December 17, 2012

A post for the ladies

So recently I was asked a question but one of the ladies on one of the social apps. The question was simple and it was with the following picture.

Which one do you like?
Well firstly I understand that women want to look incredible as they should but most women don't realize that each men have their own preference. I for one told her that I would prefer the 30% or 35% and can even go over that. She said that quite a few of the guys gave her the same answer but then she said that most women think that what they see in the magazines of a woman's body between 15-17% is what men want to see. Well it does depend on preference but wait a minute why does looks have to matter? I understand that you want to look like a model but is that really normal? I had a friend back in school and she was thin and beautiful but she suffered from Body Dismorphic Disorder. She was thin but she felt she was fat and kept on dieting until she lost it one day and fainted. Be happy with your body I guess :)

The lady talked to me further and asked me what if the woman is excessively obese. I believe at this point I told her that size doesn't matter and sent her this that I found from one of the other users.

Now what I believe: A persons look can change easily through exercise and diet but what is inside is hard to change. Truth be told it varies as a guy can at first have wanted to fool around with a woman and take advantages of her vulnerabilities but then actually ends up falling in love with her. There is a very old story that was when a boy met a girl online and they fell in love without looking at appearance when they finally met he was scared that he wouldn't like the way she looked and when he seen her from afar he hid behind a tree for a while as he wasn't attracted to her. In his mind there was all those thoughts about how much they loved each other and that looks wasn't everything. When he approached her he found out it wasn't her but her friend who was waiting to deliver the message that she was going to be late. When she finally showed up she was beautiful. Anyway I got carried away :p back to the post.

Final point is on the picture here. Beauty comes in all sizes and I am sharing it with you all as I agree with it. When it comes to myself *yeah yeah I am chubby* then I think about the words below which bring a smile to my face.

A question to all who read this. What is your input on this subject?


  1. 15% and 17% are just SCARY !! what crazy woman wants to be that o.O

    id perferbly be 25% to 35% i wouldnt mind gaining some meat on my bones !! thanks for sharing this ^^ now i need test subjects hmmm....

    1. and my thoughts are, woman are always trying to please , they wanna look good for boyfriend /husband. and when we have megan fox as our role model or kim kardashen it wouldnt be a surprise if we tend to get side tracked. admittinly i have changed my apperence a million times, blonde brown purple you name it ive done it, im not a makeup freak but i wish i was just to feel pretty. now alot of men tease woman telling them megan fox is hotter or i wish i had kim as a girlfriend they dont mean to hurt their feelings but they do so woman go to the extreem to look good. and sometimes a look they perfer is not what their boyfriend / husband likes * like showing off skin or wearing some fugly clothes * so they feel rejected and try to change themself

      the only reason ladies even dare to go under the knife is for the sake of their men otherwise they wouldnt care. women have been polishing themselves for thosands of years to please thier men

    2. I love a meaty woman ;$ That's just how I am. My thoughts are that Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian are beautiful in their own sense. Reminder that they have a 24/7 team to take care of them but still they don't appeal to me personally. Appearance changing is normal as long as you are happy with the outcome and don't really care what others think. Many women think they're pretty with all the make up but what shocks me is that a lot of women without make up look much more beautiful. It is ok I guess to have some touches of make up. Once again personal preference. Well I know guys always make women feel like they must look like other women which I don't like. And yes women work hard to look like someone else when in actual fact the way they look is amazing. I can understand the women's prospective and they need to tell *us the guys* this.

      Women please their men ever since the beginning of time which is true but what do men do. Notice that when a woman says she wish she was married to George Clooney or Daniel Craig or Tom Cruise that the man clearly says to his wife: "sorry love but you're stuck with me". Men need to appreciate their women more and know it is the inside that is more important than the outside. Attraction is crucial that's for sure but a wife/girl friend is not an object that has to follow what the man wants in his head.

    3. if a women told her husband she wish she was married to *some actor* he'd problely more likly say this * you aint megan fox to be choosing your husband , ow go back to the kitchen and make me mashboos* nono all joke aside its true they would probebly laugh their ass off if she said somthing like that cause they dont really think about thier worth. now about men caring for what his wife wants is true , and she must do the same back otherwise he's been wiped by her. i think understanding couples last, a girl shouldnt get upset over everything and a guy should know his limits to a comment. woman should never follow men they should be beside them thats my thought, a man should lead but a wife shouldnbe beside him no behind him, * to follow would be like treating her as a dog* but a man leading isnt really a bad thing alot of jerks tend to harrase girls even when they see thier husbands ! why? because they notice a diffrence if hes protective they will back off while a causal guy would most likely be thought of as a friend. it doesnt have to be with toung but with thier eyes , the way they stare down a girl.
      think i got sidetracked but you get my point on that part .

    4. Well jokes aside. Men and women are like a team. They need to cooperate with one another to succeed in the relationship. A woman has plenty of worth as she is the one who keeps the man and his world intact as well as ensure some form of sanity in this world without asking for so much but to be appreciated and loved back. It is true both parties must care for one another otherwise it is one taking advantage of another. A girl needs to trust her man *if he is sincere and has love for her in his heart* while a man should watch what comes out from his mouth. It can affect a woman's feeling. Men and women go together. No one is better than the other. Without one the other is weak. A husband with his wife and she still gets harassed :O That's weird because in my case I would send them to the morgue. Literally! I got your point and this is another subject for another time. Hehehe Thank you :)