Saturday, October 20, 2012

Obesity in Kuwait

During my time in college I was asked to prepare a video in the manage projects unit. The first thing that came to my mind was obesity. I suffer from being a bit fat. I used to weigh 127 KG back in high school due to being sad of personal problems that took place in my life. This has changed as gradually I have lost weight ... 27KG to be exact. I am still obese and Kuwait has a problem with obesity. It has been covered in many blogs: here, here, here, here, here, here, here and the thing goes on and on and on. I cannot talk about loosing weight as it is hard. Well I can suggest that dieting works or that there are these operations but they're all not good ... easy but not good.

My opinion is to do this. Eat healthy meals breakfast, lunch and dinner with small snacks in between. Spend some time walking with your tunes in hand. I know it sounds like nothing and some might say it doesn't work I tried it. Well if you're committed then you will loose your weight just focus and set easy to achieve goals in life.

Ok now back to the video project. As many of you know, obesity is caused from a lack of exercise and to add to that the variety of junk food available in Kuwait makes it a recipe for disaster. The film below is a 6 minute video with yours truly and my group of friends educating people one of the main results of obesity: Death!
Please note the video was our first ever creation and thus it is amateurishly done.


  1. Get a pedometer, make sure you walk at least 5Km a day, also watch what you eat, popular saying is 'lean meat' is good, but if your food had crawled, walked, hopped, swam, flew, had father and mother' DON'T EAT IT. Become a vegetarian and see how it helps. Say no to dairy product, I mean these are minor changes, but have massive results

    P.S: Watch 'Forks Over Knives' movie

    1. Thanks for the advice Grey :) Always interesting to try out new ways of loosing the extra weight.