Monday, December 17, 2012

A post for the ladies

So recently I was asked a question but one of the ladies on one of the social apps. The question was simple and it was with the following picture.

Which one do you like?
Well firstly I understand that women want to look incredible as they should but most women don't realize that each men have their own preference. I for one told her that I would prefer the 30% or 35% and can even go over that. She said that quite a few of the guys gave her the same answer but then she said that most women think that what they see in the magazines of a woman's body between 15-17% is what men want to see. Well it does depend on preference but wait a minute why does looks have to matter? I understand that you want to look like a model but is that really normal? I had a friend back in school and she was thin and beautiful but she suffered from Body Dismorphic Disorder. She was thin but she felt she was fat and kept on dieting until she lost it one day and fainted. Be happy with your body I guess :)

The lady talked to me further and asked me what if the woman is excessively obese. I believe at this point I told her that size doesn't matter and sent her this that I found from one of the other users.

Now what I believe: A persons look can change easily through exercise and diet but what is inside is hard to change. Truth be told it varies as a guy can at first have wanted to fool around with a woman and take advantages of her vulnerabilities but then actually ends up falling in love with her. There is a very old story that was when a boy met a girl online and they fell in love without looking at appearance when they finally met he was scared that he wouldn't like the way she looked and when he seen her from afar he hid behind a tree for a while as he wasn't attracted to her. In his mind there was all those thoughts about how much they loved each other and that looks wasn't everything. When he approached her he found out it wasn't her but her friend who was waiting to deliver the message that she was going to be late. When she finally showed up she was beautiful. Anyway I got carried away :p back to the post.

Final point is on the picture here. Beauty comes in all sizes and I am sharing it with you all as I agree with it. When it comes to myself *yeah yeah I am chubby* then I think about the words below which bring a smile to my face.

A question to all who read this. What is your input on this subject?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Inspiration from an Inspiring individual

Abdullah Malik
I have realized that most of my posts have been on a negative side but today is a whole new setting. I have recently found out about a long distance runner named Abdullah Malik. He is a Kuwaiti but he lives in USA. So now what is so special about this individual? Well simply put he has a passion for running after his dreams.
The picture to the right is of my friend before and after. He used to weigh approximately 140 kilos when he was 17 years old and then he dropped down to 80 kilos. The secret is simple: Atkins diet. Abdullah didn't have it easy but his passion for focusing on his dream made him become who he is. The article below talks about how he met the man who he considered to be the 'fastest runner in the world' and this builds up ones hope to do something extraordinary in life. I have had that feeling before and it drives you to feel that everything is possible. Need to get my mojo back in the words of Auston Powers :p This my friends proves that there is a lot of potential amongst the generations of young adults in the world. When you have a passion and have a commitment then you should not stop until you attain what makes you happy. We live life once so why not live it to the maximum.

Below are two English articles and if anyone is interested to share their story please do let me know.

Monday, December 3, 2012

UAE National Day

I had problems posting on my blog yesterday which has been solved now. I just wanted to wish the United Arab Emirates a great National Day.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kuwait going downhill

Just as you think things will get better you seen something that really works on your mind.

I haven't shared this on the blog before but I was searching for true love in the wrong places. I ended up on social apps like eBuddy XMS, Kik Messenger, Palringo, Nimbuzz, WhosHere, Say Hi!, Skout, Badoo, Banjoo, Live Profile and the list goes on and on and on.

Here is the problem. You will find out that many of the women are Arabs and cannot really marry an Expat. These women are mainly there because they're bored and have nothing else to do. Some of them are horny and will sleep with almost anyone for a certain amount of money. (Not if you're a bedoo or a police officer) You will find Filipinos who have a nice personality but don't trust easily and this is because of all the lies the Arab guys feed them. A major problem I go through daily is the racism from people who have brains the size on the seed of an olive. Many of the guys and gals I have had the opportunity to speak to have immediately judged based on looks. I am Arab. My mixture is so complex that I can easily state I am a global citizen and since when has nationality become a big part of who people are. I fear people are lost and don't know how to think right. A person like me is not limited to one part of the world as my family originally used to be philanthropists and thus my background is spread over most of the continents which go from Europe, to Africa and into the Middle East and Asia. Please don't judge with your eyes.

Another thing I have noticed in Kuwait and the GCC is that due to the sick segregation which slowly is starting to cool off but still present in society is causing the society to become sick. I don't know if families are proud of raising lesbians and gays? Because the percentage of lesbians and gays in comparison to countries like the US are higher among the Arab regions. This is becoming worse as there is something known as Booyat which are girls who want to be boys and she males which are guys who are becoming girls.

Finally and this is the most depressing, a young lady on WhosHere had a question to the members of the app which I screenshot to prove we are living in a weird society.
Translation: Please respond !!
                  Please whom ever knows a doctor or clinic that closes an open woman should tell.

This is a shocker! To see a 20 year old girl who is asking for this.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Based on A True Love Story

This was something I heard from someone I know and it is based on a true story but from my perception.

So it starts off with a guy who one day decided that he wants to find his soul mate. He always imagined her and dreamt of her regularly but every-time he was out and about he didn't seem to find her. One day walking through an alley way in a market he stopped as he looked into a mirror which reflected a woman who was from his dreams. He was shocked and wanted to know more. Walking through the alley way his heart began to beat faster and faster as he tried to spot her. Reaching to the end of the alley he was shocked to see she was gone. He kept on walking back and forth trying to see if he may have passed her but this day his luck ran short as she left. His heart felt the missing connection of his soul mate who he was anxious to have in his life. The feeling of his heart longing to be loved and taken by another. The mutual love between the right two people. Day and night he couldn't stop thinking about what he seen in that alleyway. It was a drive for him to go and try the next day and the day after and the day after that as well. This carried on for about one year where he would go back to that alleyway and pass by that mirror to see if he could see her. After one year of passing by he finally seen a glimpse of her once again on the mirror and this time he ran through the alley way looking at all the sides and cracks to find her. Well he did finally lay eyes on her beautiful bright face and that was when his heart was at peace. He went up to her and introduced himself to which she was surprised as she felt that she saw him before as well. She didn't tell him though. They walked for a while and he told her about how he first saw her and for the past year he would come to this place to see her once more. She was flattered by his pursue to find her and in return blushed and smiled while they were walking. They were only acquaintances but had a bond together that gave others the impression they have been together for a very long period. The relationship grew as they met each other everyday and started to truly fall in love their hearts joining and becoming one. She could sense when he was thinking about her and he could tell when she missed her. This was a match made in heaven and he felt he was ready. Ready to go to her father and ask for her hand in marriage. At this stage the girl had known of her fathers plans to give her to another and wouldn't accept any other man and especially when the man is a simple person. She was scared of her father finding out or even worse. Breaking her soul mates heart for good. She tried to tell her family but in a society where a man and woman who are seen loving one another out the sanctimony of marriage was seen negatively and could ruin her status as well as her families. With the pain brewing in her heart she decided to end the relationship with him even though she knew she couldn't live without him. He was heartbroken if not worse and couldn't imagine a life without her. Love is all about risk no matter what the end result. Soul mates are meant for each other and eventually they find each other. He couldn't accept it but he had to say yes. It was the end of the relationship but they were unable to live apart. He said he had to try and thus started to search for her father. She could sense him and she herself couldn't cope living without him but knew that there would be major consequences. He approached her father and asked him for her hand in marriage. The father was devastated when his daughter also came to him and said I love him and he is the man I am destined for. In this instance the father had the son executed as well as his daughter. This is the ending to the true story. I believe that they got what they wanted as surely they are in Heaven together forever and true love prevails even if the ending in this life isn't exactly what we expect.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

City of Life

I recently got the privilege to watch this film and I must say it is a real eye opener. Produced in 2009, I was told it wasn't allowed to air in cinemas. It is an Emirati film based in Dubai and directed by Ali F. Mostafa. The film revolves around three people, one a young Arab man who is rich with his street smart friend; the other an Indian taxi driver who who has dreams of becoming a famous film star and resembles one of the famous Bollywood stars; finally a flight attendant who used to be a ballet dancer and is in search for love and companionship.

The film talks about how in one city there are different cultures and livelihoods similar to what can be experienced in any Gulf country. Dubai is the city known for opportunities and growth where dreams are encouraged and come true. I won't give any more details as you need to watch it for yourselves.


Monday, October 29, 2012


The long wait was over. I have been waiting for grandcinemas to open up for a long time and when I heard it was supposed to open up during sometime last year I went only to be disappointed and escorted out of the building because it was postponed. This time I waited until it was certain and it was. The best thing about it was that they were showing the new James Bond film Skyfall. We all know what a fanatic I can be when it comes to James Bond (You too The Godfather :p) Well anywhoo, I had an argument with mother and decided to patch things up by taking her out for a great day. We started the day late by having dinner at the Green Apple in Sharq. The food was exquisite, we had Lebanese food. It wasn't busy and the atmosphere was just like you felt you were sitting somewhere elegant.

After the food we had a short drive when we realized Kuwait is busy during Eid. I must admit there is a lot to do in Kuwait so we decided to leave the busy streets and head for Al-Hamra Tower. It is the tallest tower in Kuwait as well as looks beautiful with the pink lights. We had a walk inside and realized hey they have a film and why not watch it. We chose the film for 12:45am which is late but the crowd was bearable. Waiting for the film we decided to go to Chocolate Bar to grab dessert only to see it packed jam and guys standing around waiting for a table to sit at. We decided maybe some other time and went upstairs to Gelatissimo which was yumm yumm. After that we went and watched the film. I loved it apart from the censorship. I hate censorship and that is why I stay out of cinemas in Kuwait. I would prefer if the cinemas had the age group rankings like 18+ and so on so that we could watch the film in peace. I was glad mum had a blast and I am sorry to have started an argument with mother dearest. Hoping everyone is having a grand Eid.

Update: To know more about their timings you can visit here but as their website is under maintenance you can find their schedule for next week here. Courtesy of ilsul6ana.

Facebook Page: Here and win a chance to watch SkyFall for free here.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rain .... Winter is Here

Finally, we have winter making its way into Kuwait meaning a lot of exciting things ahead for us. What a great day of rain and breeze.

I can't wait .... Winter clothes taken out :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

What's New

Ok so I was bored last night and decided to try and work on an interesting header for the blog. As you can see this is the new header for now and I am not impressed with my skills.

I want to thank reader S for his support in helping me out. I will be working on a better header but it needs some time. Any suggestions/advice or help would be greatly appreciated from the readers.

You may also have noticed that there is a search tool now to help out in finding specific posts in my blog as well as a short list of the commentators on the blog. I am thankful and appreciate all the comments that I receive from the lovely readers of TKG.

TKG wishes you all a happy Eid Mubarak and the days to come to be filled with happiness, joy and fun. Have a great day with your family and friends.

Picture courtesy of Google Images

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I found this picture that best explains the problem in Kuwait and that is MANAGEMENT. I just graduated from university and find it appalling how if something goes wrong there is always someone else to blame and the other blames someone else leading to a whole line of blame. If management was better in Kuwait like it was back in the days then Kuwait would be on the way of becoming a country that is better then any other place on the globe. It is time to change this problem and to improve management by reducing the amount of incompetent people businesses employ. What do you think?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hajj is closing in upon us

The best place to be at this time of year :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have always been curious about what makes a perfect friend. I mean watching television shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S and see a life of ups and downs. At the start of my life I didn't have friends like I do now. I used to be very shy and always kept to myself. This made me hate myself until one day in school I said 'What the heck!' let me talk to someone. I ended up becoming friends with the most popular in girl in my class. This was great as I got to know everyone and year after year I became the most popular person in school. That was great until I entered college who all my past friends drifted apart and I started again alone and all to myself. It is not easy to get to talk to people as everyone is in their own circle of groups with their friends. As you may know when you grow older it is not like when you were a kid. As a kid we could play around and laugh and be in our world. Well I had made friends in GUST first and then at ACK. It took time but it was worth it. I have friends who mean a lot to me and well without them life would be worthless. Recently I have come to making friends online and interact once again with the opposite gender. It isn't as easy as it used to be and I have to say I'm not a perfect friend. I make mistakes ... I know shocker right. Well friendship is very important and keeping your best friends close is the way to go. For me some of my friends turn into brothers and sisters as well. One of my sister/friend is getting married soon so I am not allowed to talk to her anymore. Anyways rant today is about connecting with people.

P.S. Who ever said there is nothing to do in Kuwait? Mate you're hiding under a shell because I for one am having a blast at socializing.

I posted about EEK!, well now here is something else I learnt from them about socializing with other people in Kuwait.

Most of the people here complain that there is nothing to do and sit in their apartments the whole day whining while there is something they can obviously do.

I found out about this group of interesting individuals who meet up on the weekends somewhere exciting and it changes regularly. It is a way to make friends and socialize with different people. Click on the picture above to find out more.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Obesity in Kuwait

During my time in college I was asked to prepare a video in the manage projects unit. The first thing that came to my mind was obesity. I suffer from being a bit fat. I used to weigh 127 KG back in high school due to being sad of personal problems that took place in my life. This has changed as gradually I have lost weight ... 27KG to be exact. I am still obese and Kuwait has a problem with obesity. It has been covered in many blogs: here, here, here, here, here, here, here and the thing goes on and on and on. I cannot talk about loosing weight as it is hard. Well I can suggest that dieting works or that there are these operations but they're all not good ... easy but not good.

My opinion is to do this. Eat healthy meals breakfast, lunch and dinner with small snacks in between. Spend some time walking with your tunes in hand. I know it sounds like nothing and some might say it doesn't work I tried it. Well if you're committed then you will loose your weight just focus and set easy to achieve goals in life.

Ok now back to the video project. As many of you know, obesity is caused from a lack of exercise and to add to that the variety of junk food available in Kuwait makes it a recipe for disaster. The film below is a 6 minute video with yours truly and my group of friends educating people one of the main results of obesity: Death!
Please note the video was our first ever creation and thus it is amateurishly done.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not any ordinary Human: Thinking

Well this is a strange post but something I wanted to get out of my chest. I'm no ordinary person. I have a problem. The problem is simple. I think too much. Now I know you must be going hang on a minute we all suffer from this. We just cannot switch our brains off. But wait there is more.

I suffer from over thinking things that are out of my control and yet I want to solve them. These are aspects like:
  • Eliminating Poverty
  • Annihilate Corruption
  • Rid Slavery
  • Better life

Now everyone thinks oh wow interesting but many other people think about this and talk about improving the world. Do you know I find it hard to sleep because I know that this is going on in the World. It is hard to focus knowing that someone is going through hardship in life. There is food on my plate and yet someone is starving somewhere else. How can I help them? What can I do. I love to give charity but it isn't enough and you never know where the charity goes unless you give it to the person it is destined to go to by hand. I am only 22 years old and this problem started to occur in my life when I was much younger. I think it was when I was 10 or maybe younger. I told you I'm no ordinary person but what can I do to solve this problem. I can switch off my brain but the heart is never going to be satisfied.

I get hurt a lot reading of what happens in the Kuwait let alone if I knew what happened in the World. I used to go to a blog called Kuwait Exposed where I read about everything sick you can think of. They have stopped posting but if you read it you will feel shocked or say this is not possible but these are some of the things that happen in our society. Recently I've read in the newspaper about the police officer who raped a Filipino woman and felt sick. He is put in a position where everyone should feel safe with his presence and yet some of the police (not all) take advantage of their positions. I know of very good police officers who are fed up of what is going on in Kuwait. Wasta is a big problem in Kuwait and crime goes on. It is hard to understand how this happens but it does. This is also part of this post as I hope justice is served. I have read in LWDLIK that he will be castrated but I would go with another option seen in the picture.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Economic Death

So my plans of looking for a job are on a hold. I am not going to work for the man but rather be a better man then the man is. I have recently learnt a lot of shocking things that have just added the question WHY?? to my mind.

An average retail worker has to work a lot of hours to earn an income that is not worth the time he puts into it. I have spoken to employees as certain retail stores who work from 8AM until 10PM 6 days a week to earn a lousy 300KD a month. This is unethical and immoral in so many different ways. Another chap informed me that he works from 10AM to 10PM daily with only a few hours off on Friday to go to pray. Is it really worth it :( Personally I cannot take that stress in my life as suicide as an option sometimes creeps into my mind. Don't ask me why? or go get help it just does.

I am planning to start working on a small project to make money but in something I'm passionate about. I have a lot on my mind and that is why I have been away for so long. Not to mention that the depression catches up now and then and you feel like you heading no where.

I have been to three job interviews until now with nothing that would give me the urge to work for long. I want to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face saying: "Hey! It is time to work. Get up and get there and enjoy your day". Knowing that most people would say that just take any job and go with the flow like the rest but I am not the rest. I'm not a normal person. While normal people don't mind cheating and picking up any girl off the streets, I on the other hand move 180 degrees the other way. I know too much I's but what to do :( A stressed young adult starting his life is hard. Where to begin, what to do. Graduated from University which wasn't easy to finally end up doing nothing :/

I am going to take each day step by step and if anyone is reading I'm going to let you know what I'm up to. No one wants to give decent jobs to newly graduates, well I will make jobs that are way better for graduates than any company could ever provide.

Monday, September 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Hype Begins!

So now it is here ... iPhone 5 starts to hit the markets at ridiculous prices. Prices range as you can see from the ads below:

My advice is to wait as I have read that some iPhone owners have had complaints that their devices have scratches on them. You can read about that further over here.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Help Stop Animal Cruelty in Kuwait

So last night I got an opportunity to speak to a brave and extraordinary young girl who share with me heartbreaking stories about animals. Being 18 years old and having her own problems in life she still tries her best to inform people in Kuwait that animals are living things and need to be treated with love and care.

She has seen guys running over Kittens and thinking it is funny whereas it is a sin even in Islam to harm an animal. She found out that there are causes like K'SPATH shelter, petzone and Kuwait PAWS which work on helping out animals.

This brave young lady has taken care of many animals that she has found stranded and shared a story of a kitten she found stranded on the street
... The Kitten in the picture ... Is an abandoned one from the streets ... I got him at the age of 2 weeks but now he is older ..... His mom left him in the heat for 12 hours with no milk or anything
She is a hero and an inspiration to others to show compassion to animals
I once rescued a dog from our neighbor ... It was a 3 month old puppy .. He was skinny .. And he chose me .. And I took him in but they came lookin for him so I had to give him back but then 2 weeks later the puppy ran away from them again and came to me (much more skinnier) ... And I decided I won't give him back again so I kept him and named him JACK ... Took care of him and gave him some proteins ... Vitamins food and he got chubby. Taking care of Jack is hard as I had to study as well so I gave him to my cousin for a few months ... I felt bad because my cousins neighbors hated mutts and threw Jack (GSD MIX) Off the Roof ... Jack was 6 months old at the time and fainted for half an hour. I got so pissed and yelled at my cousin ... And then again ... The neighbor killed a dog by forcing him to drink dettol ... Yeah he's an Ahole!!! He killed his own female pitbull and killed a husky by hitting him so BAD. And he tried to kill Jack but couldn't as Jack is an angel and survived being hit badly. People here don't care and I don't like that. I got Jack after he was hit .. When he saw me he barked and howled and whined and I felt bad for him but now I got a good home for him. Gave him to Americans .. And not long ago I seen them walking Jack and he was happy and healthy and I was glad I gotta chance to help. Because there are too many heartless people in this World and if not me?? I don't know when will people here speak up. This needs to be revealed and the truth must come out.

You know ... I lost my puppy and he went missing for 11 days and I didn't give up because I love him too much to give up on him ... And I found him .. After finding Igor (my puppy) I micro-chipped him and got him a new collar and a Tag which has his name and my number from behind so now I won't loose him ... I love all my pets ... Jessie (white terrier mix), Moki (the abandoned kitten), Taffy (my Siamese), Igor (my pitbull puppy) and all other animals. I am still 18 ... And I have my own problems in life ... Having problems I am still standing strong ... Helping others. My Pets keep me strong. I was saved by dogs twice .. And know I am ready to put my life in danger just to save a pet. My relatives whom I live with hate animals and yet I fight SUPER HARD for them. They are the ones keeping me happy, safe and alive all of them. I have rescued 1 angora bunny, and my pets are 2 fish 2 cats 2 dogs and soon I'm getting 2 mice.
This little girl is such an inspiration and amazing to say the least. Most 18 year olds aren't as matured as she is. It is true that many people in Kuwait are ignorant but there are some who have tried to increase awareness as to what is happening. LWDLIK, AGW, DG and bananaq8 are some examples and there are many more. I was actually looking for one in specific but cannot seem to find it. Oh well this will do for now. I wish her the best of luck and I want to help her out as best as I can :)

Update: The story continues as the brave girl would also like to share the videos she made :)

The Reunion

Edited: Monday 24th September 2012, 1:09 pm

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stick with ONE

So recently read Expat and the City about having a second, third or fourth wife. I thought that it wasn't a big deal as it is allowed in Islam for a man to marry another woman under certain specification of course. Then I read this recently in Arab Times:

Man comes home to wife and in an intimate moment she takes out a knife and stabs him in the shoulder :/
KUWAIT CITY, July 11: A case of murder attempt has been filed against a Kuwaiti woman after she allegedly stabbed her husband with a knife following reports he had married another woman, reports Al-Shahed daily.
In his complaint to the Jabriya Police Station the husband said his wife stabbed him in the shoulder and that he managed to escape from her.

A police source when the husband arrived at the police station clutching his hand blood dripping from his shirt, fainted at the entrance and he was rushed to the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital.

The wife will be summoned for interrogation.

I was shocked but then I remembered that I heard a similar story before. As a guy I would recommend most men to communicate with your spouse before getting into trouble. Don't you want to live a peaceful life, stress free?? And as you own one heart it is clear you can only truly love one woman. I am still trying to think about how she could have stabbed him that way. She must have been really mad to be the last one to have found out.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Rambling today

With everything going on everywhere I decided that Today I will post something on a positive note. We always talk and hear about problems in Kuwait well Kuwait as beautiful as she is never disappoints in giving us hope and happiness sometimes :)

Thank you to all the readers and commentators.

Picture taken at the Australian College of Kuwait

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fires ... A mystery to say the least

So Walking around in the city looking for a job. Tower after tower giving out CVs and learning how tough it really is to get the job you want. Anyways after a while I came to this tower which looks pretty new. Wow it's empty? :O Entering the building I notice the doors are locked. Maybe a back entrance? Let me see!! When I was at the building I thought it must be some Men In Black cover up you know: CIA undercover/Alien protection agency since no way no one can be in a building.

 Anyways, it turns out the building is burnt. O o It is a mystery to me how so many building end up burning and how come this one didn't have any safety signs to inform others that it isn't safe to enter.

I wish no one got hurt and good luck. Ironically this is an insurance company and they cover damages.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EEK yourself to success!!

I have been a subscriber of EEK! e-newsletter for a while now. WHAT!! You don't know about EEK! :O

EEK is one of the greatest tools to an expat in Kuwait. Expats Express Kuwait is a free e-newsletter written by Expats for the Expats. Anything and everything that's happening in Kuwait from socializing to job hunting to events to promotions to offers to .... can be found at once and the best thing is that its FREE :p

Some of the past subscriptions of EEK!
How does one get a copy of the e-newsletter? Easy as subscribing by clicking on the picture above. If you want an easier way is to email: with the subject line 'Please subscribe me to EEK!'. Please note: The e-newsletter is a PDF file and if you do not have a Reader then click here.

Major Benefits:
  • You can place your own ads for others to see - free for individuals
  • Free e-newsletter almost weekly - that means 4 a month Wow!
  • Interesting topics to read about
  • Has something for everyone
  • Special offer sometimes
  • And much much more ...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I have been curious about a mystery in college that puzzles me until today. Having spent 4 years in college I never expected to find this on my car:

Yes you got it right. A NOTE :O lodged under the flap that opens the door. I was shocked and yet intrigued that someone fancied me in college. I wanted to know who? where? how? what? ME?

I am not a guy that sticks out in public or someone a woman would look at and feel like she would find me interesting. In this World these days looks count for everything and that is something I don't have. (I have been called cute and handsome but that's just friends trying to bring my moral up).

Well unfortunately this note is an investigation case that I can't seem to close up. I have had it analyzed by a friend and he thinks it's a prank one of my friends are playing (97% male) and that the person who wrote it is left handed. Oh wait I think I might know who it is? :O No it can't be ... I asked him :(

Anywayz, this note is going into my box of memorabilia of things that I have collected that are private and personal (I used to be a kid once and heck yeah in love like crazy but it never works out and why get hurt or hurt someone else?).

How would you go by finding out who it is? What would you do?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Keifan Bridge Under Construction

It looks like Keifan Bridge is under construction unless Godzilla was in Kuwait and I missed the whole thing :p

It would have been interesting to see how they dismantled the bridge but maybe next time. I wonder how much is being spent on this project, anyone any ideas??

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something to do: Jet Ski

 Jet Skiing is something very fascinating to do in Kuwait. I admit i cannot swim but I enjoyed going to the sea with my buddies on the jet ski. (Although at one point I somersaulted three times in the air and landed in the sea :p) Damn it's hard to get back on the thing when you're out of breath, heavy and tired but you can do it.

The Good

  • You're having fun with your mates and you don't feel the time pass by.
  • You get the tan you wish if that's what you want (Use Bananaboat)
  • Did I mention it is extremely fun if the weather is right.
  • Doing something different for a change that isn't as boring.
    Just a note: Keep your life jacket on at all times! If the coast guards see you without one you could get fined

The Bad
  • If you're a girl you'd expect to be chased by guys (not me but others)
  • The sea isn't as clean as it should be
  • Keep in the sea and take caution when close to the shallow areas.
  • Don't go alone, rather go with a group of friends
  • Wear something to protect your eyes (sunglasses/goggles)
  • Protect yourself from the sun-rays (Sun Block)

With all my experiences I would say that I will do it again and again just not as crazy the next time. As you know Kuwait is known for being on sex steroids. I have heard stories where guys take the gals on the jet ski and have intercourse with them in the middle of the sea where no one can say anything. So women please be careful.

Just some other pictures to go with the topic that I find very humorous:

I am unsure if this is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi or Oman but it is a fully covered woman on a jet ski. How awesome is that.


Honestly mate I like where your head is at.

I'm sure many girls wouldn't mind being on the jet ski with him hahaha :p


Other water entertainment though I think this is fake.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A day of Adventure

So a few days ago my brother and I didn't feel like sleeping 4 AM so we decided to go out :p We started the adventure with a walk on the Gulf Road to get some fresh air and to plan what to do next. I couldn't believe how relaxing it is to watch the sun rise with just the hint of cool breeze brushing on the skin and messing my hair up :D Anywayz we were clueless (oh yeah and there is a lot of litter and cats on thee beach side) Well just as we got in to go back home I decided the time is not to learn about Kuwait. So I filled up the tank and we were off driving on the 5th Ring Road or was it 6th Ring Road all the way to the End. Here are some of the picture I took ... I know the pictures aren't as great as they could have been. I used my Blackberry :p

This is an awesome architectural construction but I don't know what it is.There was a lot of sand on the road too and I don't recommend going alone as we did get stuck and I had to push us out or else we would have been left in the middle of nowhere

The desert was all we could see with what looks like small hills

There is a lot of land and yet I don't get why we need to live like squashed human beings? And don't say because this is how it is in Arab countries ... United Arab Emirates !!!

I wonder what my mum would think if I ended becoming a Shepherd ... Most likely she would get annoyed as the degree is worthless in the desert unless you needed toilet paper xD Hahaha

If you see closely I think you can just about see a bridge that is going to be used by many business men in 2022 to go to Boubyan Island to visit the new Silk City that is under construction ... can't wait

After driving towards Boubyan Island there was a dead end due to the Subiya Power Plant. Only way was to come back and then go straight the other way towards Iraq. I guess we got to the border but I won't be going to Iraq anytime soon. Though I want to go ... beautiful country to say the least.

Short detour to Abdaly Farms where we seen .... wait for it ...... CAMELS :)) Yaayyy for me

After about 6 hours in the desert we decided it was time to return to Kuwait and go home. What an exciting adventure :) I will be doing it again someday I hope.