Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something to do: Jet Ski

 Jet Skiing is something very fascinating to do in Kuwait. I admit i cannot swim but I enjoyed going to the sea with my buddies on the jet ski. (Although at one point I somersaulted three times in the air and landed in the sea :p) Damn it's hard to get back on the thing when you're out of breath, heavy and tired but you can do it.

The Good

  • You're having fun with your mates and you don't feel the time pass by.
  • You get the tan you wish if that's what you want (Use Bananaboat)
  • Did I mention it is extremely fun if the weather is right.
  • Doing something different for a change that isn't as boring.
    Just a note: Keep your life jacket on at all times! If the coast guards see you without one you could get fined

The Bad
  • If you're a girl you'd expect to be chased by guys (not me but others)
  • The sea isn't as clean as it should be
  • Keep in the sea and take caution when close to the shallow areas.
  • Don't go alone, rather go with a group of friends
  • Wear something to protect your eyes (sunglasses/goggles)
  • Protect yourself from the sun-rays (Sun Block)

With all my experiences I would say that I will do it again and again just not as crazy the next time. As you know Kuwait is known for being on sex steroids. I have heard stories where guys take the gals on the jet ski and have intercourse with them in the middle of the sea where no one can say anything. So women please be careful.

Just some other pictures to go with the topic that I find very humorous:

I am unsure if this is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi or Oman but it is a fully covered woman on a jet ski. How awesome is that.


Honestly mate I like where your head is at.

I'm sure many girls wouldn't mind being on the jet ski with him hahaha :p


Other water entertainment though I think this is fake.

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