Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EEK yourself to success!!

I have been a subscriber of EEK! e-newsletter for a while now. WHAT!! You don't know about EEK! :O

EEK is one of the greatest tools to an expat in Kuwait. Expats Express Kuwait is a free e-newsletter written by Expats for the Expats. Anything and everything that's happening in Kuwait from socializing to job hunting to events to promotions to offers to .... can be found at once and the best thing is that its FREE :p

Some of the past subscriptions of EEK!
How does one get a copy of the e-newsletter? Easy as subscribing by clicking on the picture above. If you want an easier way is to email: with the subject line 'Please subscribe me to EEK!'. Please note: The e-newsletter is a PDF file and if you do not have a Reader then click here.

Major Benefits:
  • You can place your own ads for others to see - free for individuals
  • Free e-newsletter almost weekly - that means 4 a month Wow!
  • Interesting topics to read about
  • Has something for everyone
  • Special offer sometimes
  • And much much more ...


  1. Nice - you seem to have put quite a bit of work into the pic --- very, very nice

    1. Thank you Anonymous. I am no professional nut I guess starting somewhere and trying to work on it will increase my chances to get some great work out. Very, Very nice to have received a comment from you.

  2. Thank you for the info regarding EEK! I'm a new expat in Kuwait; it's nice to get some help/advice from the locals!

    1. You most welcome Miki-chan. Welcome to Kuwait and I hope you enjoy and get a chance to learn a lot about Kuwait and its culture. I will have another post coming out soon to help out more and if you have any further questions please ask!! I am here to help