Monday, October 29, 2012


The long wait was over. I have been waiting for grandcinemas to open up for a long time and when I heard it was supposed to open up during sometime last year I went only to be disappointed and escorted out of the building because it was postponed. This time I waited until it was certain and it was. The best thing about it was that they were showing the new James Bond film Skyfall. We all know what a fanatic I can be when it comes to James Bond (You too The Godfather :p) Well anywhoo, I had an argument with mother and decided to patch things up by taking her out for a great day. We started the day late by having dinner at the Green Apple in Sharq. The food was exquisite, we had Lebanese food. It wasn't busy and the atmosphere was just like you felt you were sitting somewhere elegant.

After the food we had a short drive when we realized Kuwait is busy during Eid. I must admit there is a lot to do in Kuwait so we decided to leave the busy streets and head for Al-Hamra Tower. It is the tallest tower in Kuwait as well as looks beautiful with the pink lights. We had a walk inside and realized hey they have a film and why not watch it. We chose the film for 12:45am which is late but the crowd was bearable. Waiting for the film we decided to go to Chocolate Bar to grab dessert only to see it packed jam and guys standing around waiting for a table to sit at. We decided maybe some other time and went upstairs to Gelatissimo which was yumm yumm. After that we went and watched the film. I loved it apart from the censorship. I hate censorship and that is why I stay out of cinemas in Kuwait. I would prefer if the cinemas had the age group rankings like 18+ and so on so that we could watch the film in peace. I was glad mum had a blast and I am sorry to have started an argument with mother dearest. Hoping everyone is having a grand Eid.

Update: To know more about their timings you can visit here but as their website is under maintenance you can find their schedule for next week here. Courtesy of ilsul6ana.

Facebook Page: Here and win a chance to watch SkyFall for free here.

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