Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kuwait going downhill

Just as you think things will get better you seen something that really works on your mind.

I haven't shared this on the blog before but I was searching for true love in the wrong places. I ended up on social apps like eBuddy XMS, Kik Messenger, Palringo, Nimbuzz, WhosHere, Say Hi!, Skout, Badoo, Banjoo, Live Profile and the list goes on and on and on.

Here is the problem. You will find out that many of the women are Arabs and cannot really marry an Expat. These women are mainly there because they're bored and have nothing else to do. Some of them are horny and will sleep with almost anyone for a certain amount of money. (Not if you're a bedoo or a police officer) You will find Filipinos who have a nice personality but don't trust easily and this is because of all the lies the Arab guys feed them. A major problem I go through daily is the racism from people who have brains the size on the seed of an olive. Many of the guys and gals I have had the opportunity to speak to have immediately judged based on looks. I am Arab. My mixture is so complex that I can easily state I am a global citizen and since when has nationality become a big part of who people are. I fear people are lost and don't know how to think right. A person like me is not limited to one part of the world as my family originally used to be philanthropists and thus my background is spread over most of the continents which go from Europe, to Africa and into the Middle East and Asia. Please don't judge with your eyes.

Another thing I have noticed in Kuwait and the GCC is that due to the sick segregation which slowly is starting to cool off but still present in society is causing the society to become sick. I don't know if families are proud of raising lesbians and gays? Because the percentage of lesbians and gays in comparison to countries like the US are higher among the Arab regions. This is becoming worse as there is something known as Booyat which are girls who want to be boys and she males which are guys who are becoming girls.

Finally and this is the most depressing, a young lady on WhosHere had a question to the members of the app which I screenshot to prove we are living in a weird society.
Translation: Please respond !!
                  Please whom ever knows a doctor or clinic that closes an open woman should tell.

This is a shocker! To see a 20 year old girl who is asking for this.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Based on A True Love Story

This was something I heard from someone I know and it is based on a true story but from my perception.

So it starts off with a guy who one day decided that he wants to find his soul mate. He always imagined her and dreamt of her regularly but every-time he was out and about he didn't seem to find her. One day walking through an alley way in a market he stopped as he looked into a mirror which reflected a woman who was from his dreams. He was shocked and wanted to know more. Walking through the alley way his heart began to beat faster and faster as he tried to spot her. Reaching to the end of the alley he was shocked to see she was gone. He kept on walking back and forth trying to see if he may have passed her but this day his luck ran short as she left. His heart felt the missing connection of his soul mate who he was anxious to have in his life. The feeling of his heart longing to be loved and taken by another. The mutual love between the right two people. Day and night he couldn't stop thinking about what he seen in that alleyway. It was a drive for him to go and try the next day and the day after and the day after that as well. This carried on for about one year where he would go back to that alleyway and pass by that mirror to see if he could see her. After one year of passing by he finally seen a glimpse of her once again on the mirror and this time he ran through the alley way looking at all the sides and cracks to find her. Well he did finally lay eyes on her beautiful bright face and that was when his heart was at peace. He went up to her and introduced himself to which she was surprised as she felt that she saw him before as well. She didn't tell him though. They walked for a while and he told her about how he first saw her and for the past year he would come to this place to see her once more. She was flattered by his pursue to find her and in return blushed and smiled while they were walking. They were only acquaintances but had a bond together that gave others the impression they have been together for a very long period. The relationship grew as they met each other everyday and started to truly fall in love their hearts joining and becoming one. She could sense when he was thinking about her and he could tell when she missed her. This was a match made in heaven and he felt he was ready. Ready to go to her father and ask for her hand in marriage. At this stage the girl had known of her fathers plans to give her to another and wouldn't accept any other man and especially when the man is a simple person. She was scared of her father finding out or even worse. Breaking her soul mates heart for good. She tried to tell her family but in a society where a man and woman who are seen loving one another out the sanctimony of marriage was seen negatively and could ruin her status as well as her families. With the pain brewing in her heart she decided to end the relationship with him even though she knew she couldn't live without him. He was heartbroken if not worse and couldn't imagine a life without her. Love is all about risk no matter what the end result. Soul mates are meant for each other and eventually they find each other. He couldn't accept it but he had to say yes. It was the end of the relationship but they were unable to live apart. He said he had to try and thus started to search for her father. She could sense him and she herself couldn't cope living without him but knew that there would be major consequences. He approached her father and asked him for her hand in marriage. The father was devastated when his daughter also came to him and said I love him and he is the man I am destined for. In this instance the father had the son executed as well as his daughter. This is the ending to the true story. I believe that they got what they wanted as surely they are in Heaven together forever and true love prevails even if the ending in this life isn't exactly what we expect.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

City of Life

I recently got the privilege to watch this film and I must say it is a real eye opener. Produced in 2009, I was told it wasn't allowed to air in cinemas. It is an Emirati film based in Dubai and directed by Ali F. Mostafa. The film revolves around three people, one a young Arab man who is rich with his street smart friend; the other an Indian taxi driver who who has dreams of becoming a famous film star and resembles one of the famous Bollywood stars; finally a flight attendant who used to be a ballet dancer and is in search for love and companionship.

The film talks about how in one city there are different cultures and livelihoods similar to what can be experienced in any Gulf country. Dubai is the city known for opportunities and growth where dreams are encouraged and come true. I won't give any more details as you need to watch it for yourselves.