Friday, November 2, 2012

Based on A True Love Story

This was something I heard from someone I know and it is based on a true story but from my perception.

So it starts off with a guy who one day decided that he wants to find his soul mate. He always imagined her and dreamt of her regularly but every-time he was out and about he didn't seem to find her. One day walking through an alley way in a market he stopped as he looked into a mirror which reflected a woman who was from his dreams. He was shocked and wanted to know more. Walking through the alley way his heart began to beat faster and faster as he tried to spot her. Reaching to the end of the alley he was shocked to see she was gone. He kept on walking back and forth trying to see if he may have passed her but this day his luck ran short as she left. His heart felt the missing connection of his soul mate who he was anxious to have in his life. The feeling of his heart longing to be loved and taken by another. The mutual love between the right two people. Day and night he couldn't stop thinking about what he seen in that alleyway. It was a drive for him to go and try the next day and the day after and the day after that as well. This carried on for about one year where he would go back to that alleyway and pass by that mirror to see if he could see her. After one year of passing by he finally seen a glimpse of her once again on the mirror and this time he ran through the alley way looking at all the sides and cracks to find her. Well he did finally lay eyes on her beautiful bright face and that was when his heart was at peace. He went up to her and introduced himself to which she was surprised as she felt that she saw him before as well. She didn't tell him though. They walked for a while and he told her about how he first saw her and for the past year he would come to this place to see her once more. She was flattered by his pursue to find her and in return blushed and smiled while they were walking. They were only acquaintances but had a bond together that gave others the impression they have been together for a very long period. The relationship grew as they met each other everyday and started to truly fall in love their hearts joining and becoming one. She could sense when he was thinking about her and he could tell when she missed her. This was a match made in heaven and he felt he was ready. Ready to go to her father and ask for her hand in marriage. At this stage the girl had known of her fathers plans to give her to another and wouldn't accept any other man and especially when the man is a simple person. She was scared of her father finding out or even worse. Breaking her soul mates heart for good. She tried to tell her family but in a society where a man and woman who are seen loving one another out the sanctimony of marriage was seen negatively and could ruin her status as well as her families. With the pain brewing in her heart she decided to end the relationship with him even though she knew she couldn't live without him. He was heartbroken if not worse and couldn't imagine a life without her. Love is all about risk no matter what the end result. Soul mates are meant for each other and eventually they find each other. He couldn't accept it but he had to say yes. It was the end of the relationship but they were unable to live apart. He said he had to try and thus started to search for her father. She could sense him and she herself couldn't cope living without him but knew that there would be major consequences. He approached her father and asked him for her hand in marriage. The father was devastated when his daughter also came to him and said I love him and he is the man I am destined for. In this instance the father had the son executed as well as his daughter. This is the ending to the true story. I believe that they got what they wanted as surely they are in Heaven together forever and true love prevails even if the ending in this life isn't exactly what we expect.

What do you think?


  1. ok now that guy the father has issues !

    1. There are many similar incidents that take place within the region. It is basically due to relationships that are based on love that can be considered as not allowed amongst the region. Also families cannot just accept anyone as their in laws as there is a name to be upheld. This is where problems start and develop as it is unhealthy for the society.

      I wish these issues reduce as the world evolves and thank you for your comment.

  2. ok i know this post is old but i kept forgeting to read it * lol sorry *

    2nd OMG !!! this must have been the most sadest true story ive ever heard !
    i have had alot of friends that were like this but never did it end with killing !! * just broken bones which is bad but still* a tale of another sad tragic true story but thats another time another subject

    i have heard fathers killing thier daughter cause of shame but i thought it was just that * scare talk * but this story reminds me of that boy who brought a gun to the avenuse because some guy was * dating or fliritng cant remember * his sister

    i really wish parents would accept the fact that their children have rights too, their rights to feel happy with the person they want to be happy with

    now im not saying having sexs and then ending up married since thats 7ram but atleast accept that they had the guts to come out and ask rather then run off and get married somewhere else

    thnx for the post tkg

    1. Thank you assasinberry for reading the post. It is okay as it is pretty long.

      I wanted to cover this story as it does happen in society *sometimes in different ways*. Honor killing is something everyone thinks happened in the past but it still does exist until today. I have a lot of sad and tragic stories but I cannot share all of them as some of them hurt.

      About the boy who brought a gun to Avenues to defend his sister. I don't get this philosophy. A boy protects his sisters but when he goes out and plays with girls or has sex with her then he doesn't think of her being someone else sister. It is a good thing to honor your sister but it is a bad thing to then do bad of other peoples sisters.

      Happiness is very important when it comes to children. It is understandable that when the children are small they need guidance but at the age of 18-22 it is clear they aren't children but rather young adults starting their lives. I figure the women should also be given the right to pick their mate who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. I hate to see unhappy marriages where a family ties get broken and this affects the kids.

      I don't know if they were sexually active. It is true that sex is 7aram but is talking to the guy and getting to know him a bad thing before marriage? *Obviously among family members and not alone* Marriage is a link between families and to join communities. In the past weddings was what used to stop wars. I also think marriage to cousins is not right. What do you think?

    2. i agree with you guys are jerks they do bad then get bad to their family.

      and about unhappy marriages it is mainly caused by the men. although their are a few slutty woman who break up a happy house just for the sake of a boyfriend

      and i didnt mean about the sex thing as in they were doing it , i strongly think the father did though.

      and marrying cousins is a nono for me, i understand keeping a family together and joined but its also like if they marry someone else thier family will split? which is silly

      parents do want happiness for thier children but they also dont want to see them get hurt. they want to keep them safe from harm but instead cause them harm.

      i read in the news paper * cant find link nor can i remember which paper lol* this man was engaged to a friend of the family and on the day of the wedding after the wedding by 4 hours the bride was in the emergency room because the groom had beaten her to death almost ! her skull was fractured anyway the reason he gave was because his mom told him to slap his bride on the first night so that she fears him for the rest of his life but instead she yelled back and defended herself which made him more angry ... now her parents must have been thinking were so lucky to find a great guy only to be heart broken 4 hours later

      if a cousin rapes thier relatives daughter do you really think they would care if he's family or not? i think his daughter will be more importent then the family problem. * altho you never know in this country lol*

    3. Thank you for the reply :)

      Guys are jerks by doing bad but the biggest problem is that it affects the image of all guys even us good ones.

      Unhappy marriages is mainly caused by men and this is true. Because men don't see their wives as everything. They want a woman for something and their wife for something and yet they don't know that they wives want their husband happy and also deserve to be loved in every way. The women having boyfriends is increasing because the husband as you know doesn't satisfy the wife or there is something between them *i know there are many more reasons*

      I believe the father thought his daughter was sleeping with him, but I don't know how can you live with yourself after killing your daughter? I mean you brought her into this life and you took her life away because she made a mistake of following her heart :(

      I don't understand marrying cousins. My mum keeps on talking about the disabled children she sees in the hospitals and how this is caused by close cousins marrying. In our religion is we basically look at it there is the statement that we're all from two people and yet we regard everyone who we don't know as someone else. Life is strange this way :p

      Parents want to make their children happy that's for sure. And a parent also needs to know that as a parent they have an obligation to do what is right. They always forget they were also children once and how they felt. This needed to be said.

      Wow. A groom beats his newly wed wife on the wedding day :O A man shouldn't life his hands on a woman at all. The man is lucky to have had the opportunity to get married *not everyone is* but the home that he comes from has taught him the wrong values. Marriage is not about fear. A wife should not fear her husband just because he is a man. For the sake of love, this is a crime and he should be punished. I feel sorry for his mum because she must be beaten to fear her husband and to tell her son to do the same.

      In this country what happens between cousins is sickening. I have heard stories of cousins sleeping with one another for the fun of it :/ It is devastating to say the least. A cousin to another is like a brother to his sister and vice verse.

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