Monday, October 29, 2012


The long wait was over. I have been waiting for grandcinemas to open up for a long time and when I heard it was supposed to open up during sometime last year I went only to be disappointed and escorted out of the building because it was postponed. This time I waited until it was certain and it was. The best thing about it was that they were showing the new James Bond film Skyfall. We all know what a fanatic I can be when it comes to James Bond (You too The Godfather :p) Well anywhoo, I had an argument with mother and decided to patch things up by taking her out for a great day. We started the day late by having dinner at the Green Apple in Sharq. The food was exquisite, we had Lebanese food. It wasn't busy and the atmosphere was just like you felt you were sitting somewhere elegant.

After the food we had a short drive when we realized Kuwait is busy during Eid. I must admit there is a lot to do in Kuwait so we decided to leave the busy streets and head for Al-Hamra Tower. It is the tallest tower in Kuwait as well as looks beautiful with the pink lights. We had a walk inside and realized hey they have a film and why not watch it. We chose the film for 12:45am which is late but the crowd was bearable. Waiting for the film we decided to go to Chocolate Bar to grab dessert only to see it packed jam and guys standing around waiting for a table to sit at. We decided maybe some other time and went upstairs to Gelatissimo which was yumm yumm. After that we went and watched the film. I loved it apart from the censorship. I hate censorship and that is why I stay out of cinemas in Kuwait. I would prefer if the cinemas had the age group rankings like 18+ and so on so that we could watch the film in peace. I was glad mum had a blast and I am sorry to have started an argument with mother dearest. Hoping everyone is having a grand Eid.

Update: To know more about their timings you can visit here but as their website is under maintenance you can find their schedule for next week here. Courtesy of ilsul6ana.

Facebook Page: Here and win a chance to watch SkyFall for free here.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rain .... Winter is Here

Finally, we have winter making its way into Kuwait meaning a lot of exciting things ahead for us. What a great day of rain and breeze.

I can't wait .... Winter clothes taken out :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

What's New

Ok so I was bored last night and decided to try and work on an interesting header for the blog. As you can see this is the new header for now and I am not impressed with my skills.

I want to thank reader S for his support in helping me out. I will be working on a better header but it needs some time. Any suggestions/advice or help would be greatly appreciated from the readers.

You may also have noticed that there is a search tool now to help out in finding specific posts in my blog as well as a short list of the commentators on the blog. I am thankful and appreciate all the comments that I receive from the lovely readers of TKG.

TKG wishes you all a happy Eid Mubarak and the days to come to be filled with happiness, joy and fun. Have a great day with your family and friends.

Picture courtesy of Google Images

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I found this picture that best explains the problem in Kuwait and that is MANAGEMENT. I just graduated from university and find it appalling how if something goes wrong there is always someone else to blame and the other blames someone else leading to a whole line of blame. If management was better in Kuwait like it was back in the days then Kuwait would be on the way of becoming a country that is better then any other place on the globe. It is time to change this problem and to improve management by reducing the amount of incompetent people businesses employ. What do you think?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hajj is closing in upon us

The best place to be at this time of year :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have always been curious about what makes a perfect friend. I mean watching television shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S and see a life of ups and downs. At the start of my life I didn't have friends like I do now. I used to be very shy and always kept to myself. This made me hate myself until one day in school I said 'What the heck!' let me talk to someone. I ended up becoming friends with the most popular in girl in my class. This was great as I got to know everyone and year after year I became the most popular person in school. That was great until I entered college who all my past friends drifted apart and I started again alone and all to myself. It is not easy to get to talk to people as everyone is in their own circle of groups with their friends. As you may know when you grow older it is not like when you were a kid. As a kid we could play around and laugh and be in our world. Well I had made friends in GUST first and then at ACK. It took time but it was worth it. I have friends who mean a lot to me and well without them life would be worthless. Recently I have come to making friends online and interact once again with the opposite gender. It isn't as easy as it used to be and I have to say I'm not a perfect friend. I make mistakes ... I know shocker right. Well friendship is very important and keeping your best friends close is the way to go. For me some of my friends turn into brothers and sisters as well. One of my sister/friend is getting married soon so I am not allowed to talk to her anymore. Anyways rant today is about connecting with people.

P.S. Who ever said there is nothing to do in Kuwait? Mate you're hiding under a shell because I for one am having a blast at socializing.

I posted about EEK!, well now here is something else I learnt from them about socializing with other people in Kuwait.

Most of the people here complain that there is nothing to do and sit in their apartments the whole day whining while there is something they can obviously do.

I found out about this group of interesting individuals who meet up on the weekends somewhere exciting and it changes regularly. It is a way to make friends and socialize with different people. Click on the picture above to find out more.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Obesity in Kuwait

During my time in college I was asked to prepare a video in the manage projects unit. The first thing that came to my mind was obesity. I suffer from being a bit fat. I used to weigh 127 KG back in high school due to being sad of personal problems that took place in my life. This has changed as gradually I have lost weight ... 27KG to be exact. I am still obese and Kuwait has a problem with obesity. It has been covered in many blogs: here, here, here, here, here, here, here and the thing goes on and on and on. I cannot talk about loosing weight as it is hard. Well I can suggest that dieting works or that there are these operations but they're all not good ... easy but not good.

My opinion is to do this. Eat healthy meals breakfast, lunch and dinner with small snacks in between. Spend some time walking with your tunes in hand. I know it sounds like nothing and some might say it doesn't work I tried it. Well if you're committed then you will loose your weight just focus and set easy to achieve goals in life.

Ok now back to the video project. As many of you know, obesity is caused from a lack of exercise and to add to that the variety of junk food available in Kuwait makes it a recipe for disaster. The film below is a 6 minute video with yours truly and my group of friends educating people one of the main results of obesity: Death!
Please note the video was our first ever creation and thus it is amateurishly done.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not any ordinary Human: Thinking

Well this is a strange post but something I wanted to get out of my chest. I'm no ordinary person. I have a problem. The problem is simple. I think too much. Now I know you must be going hang on a minute we all suffer from this. We just cannot switch our brains off. But wait there is more.

I suffer from over thinking things that are out of my control and yet I want to solve them. These are aspects like:
  • Eliminating Poverty
  • Annihilate Corruption
  • Rid Slavery
  • Better life

Now everyone thinks oh wow interesting but many other people think about this and talk about improving the world. Do you know I find it hard to sleep because I know that this is going on in the World. It is hard to focus knowing that someone is going through hardship in life. There is food on my plate and yet someone is starving somewhere else. How can I help them? What can I do. I love to give charity but it isn't enough and you never know where the charity goes unless you give it to the person it is destined to go to by hand. I am only 22 years old and this problem started to occur in my life when I was much younger. I think it was when I was 10 or maybe younger. I told you I'm no ordinary person but what can I do to solve this problem. I can switch off my brain but the heart is never going to be satisfied.

I get hurt a lot reading of what happens in the Kuwait let alone if I knew what happened in the World. I used to go to a blog called Kuwait Exposed where I read about everything sick you can think of. They have stopped posting but if you read it you will feel shocked or say this is not possible but these are some of the things that happen in our society. Recently I've read in the newspaper about the police officer who raped a Filipino woman and felt sick. He is put in a position where everyone should feel safe with his presence and yet some of the police (not all) take advantage of their positions. I know of very good police officers who are fed up of what is going on in Kuwait. Wasta is a big problem in Kuwait and crime goes on. It is hard to understand how this happens but it does. This is also part of this post as I hope justice is served. I have read in LWDLIK that he will be castrated but I would go with another option seen in the picture.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Economic Death

So my plans of looking for a job are on a hold. I am not going to work for the man but rather be a better man then the man is. I have recently learnt a lot of shocking things that have just added the question WHY?? to my mind.

An average retail worker has to work a lot of hours to earn an income that is not worth the time he puts into it. I have spoken to employees as certain retail stores who work from 8AM until 10PM 6 days a week to earn a lousy 300KD a month. This is unethical and immoral in so many different ways. Another chap informed me that he works from 10AM to 10PM daily with only a few hours off on Friday to go to pray. Is it really worth it :( Personally I cannot take that stress in my life as suicide as an option sometimes creeps into my mind. Don't ask me why? or go get help it just does.

I am planning to start working on a small project to make money but in something I'm passionate about. I have a lot on my mind and that is why I have been away for so long. Not to mention that the depression catches up now and then and you feel like you heading no where.

I have been to three job interviews until now with nothing that would give me the urge to work for long. I want to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face saying: "Hey! It is time to work. Get up and get there and enjoy your day". Knowing that most people would say that just take any job and go with the flow like the rest but I am not the rest. I'm not a normal person. While normal people don't mind cheating and picking up any girl off the streets, I on the other hand move 180 degrees the other way. I know too much I's but what to do :( A stressed young adult starting his life is hard. Where to begin, what to do. Graduated from University which wasn't easy to finally end up doing nothing :/

I am going to take each day step by step and if anyone is reading I'm going to let you know what I'm up to. No one wants to give decent jobs to newly graduates, well I will make jobs that are way better for graduates than any company could ever provide.