Friday, September 14, 2012

Fires ... A mystery to say the least

So Walking around in the city looking for a job. Tower after tower giving out CVs and learning how tough it really is to get the job you want. Anyways after a while I came to this tower which looks pretty new. Wow it's empty? :O Entering the building I notice the doors are locked. Maybe a back entrance? Let me see!! When I was at the building I thought it must be some Men In Black cover up you know: CIA undercover/Alien protection agency since no way no one can be in a building.

 Anyways, it turns out the building is burnt. O o It is a mystery to me how so many building end up burning and how come this one didn't have any safety signs to inform others that it isn't safe to enter.

I wish no one got hurt and good luck. Ironically this is an insurance company and they cover damages.

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