Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I have been curious about a mystery in college that puzzles me until today. Having spent 4 years in college I never expected to find this on my car:

Yes you got it right. A NOTE :O lodged under the flap that opens the door. I was shocked and yet intrigued that someone fancied me in college. I wanted to know who? where? how? what? ME?

I am not a guy that sticks out in public or someone a woman would look at and feel like she would find me interesting. In this World these days looks count for everything and that is something I don't have. (I have been called cute and handsome but that's just friends trying to bring my moral up).

Well unfortunately this note is an investigation case that I can't seem to close up. I have had it analyzed by a friend and he thinks it's a prank one of my friends are playing (97% male) and that the person who wrote it is left handed. Oh wait I think I might know who it is? :O No it can't be ... I asked him :(

Anywayz, this note is going into my box of memorabilia of things that I have collected that are private and personal (I used to be a kid once and heck yeah in love like crazy but it never works out and why get hurt or hurt someone else?).

How would you go by finding out who it is? What would you do?


  1. Cute post. It made me laugh. Well first you need to take it to the forensics department. God bless the sun, no one wears gloves. Then you take the fingerprints report to the ministry of interior and they will cross-reference the results and give you a name. Don't forget to take your Vitamin W before giving this a shot though :P

    1. Lol you think forensics would actually help in a case to find out who left the love note :)) Now you made me laugh. Thank you Miss Good Egg and P.S. Love your blog.