Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A day of Adventure

So a few days ago my brother and I didn't feel like sleeping 4 AM so we decided to go out :p We started the adventure with a walk on the Gulf Road to get some fresh air and to plan what to do next. I couldn't believe how relaxing it is to watch the sun rise with just the hint of cool breeze brushing on the skin and messing my hair up :D Anywayz we were clueless (oh yeah and there is a lot of litter and cats on thee beach side) Well just as we got in to go back home I decided the time is not to learn about Kuwait. So I filled up the tank and we were off driving on the 5th Ring Road or was it 6th Ring Road all the way to the End. Here are some of the picture I took ... I know the pictures aren't as great as they could have been. I used my Blackberry :p

This is an awesome architectural construction but I don't know what it is.There was a lot of sand on the road too and I don't recommend going alone as we did get stuck and I had to push us out or else we would have been left in the middle of nowhere

The desert was all we could see with what looks like small hills

There is a lot of land and yet I don't get why we need to live like squashed human beings? And don't say because this is how it is in Arab countries ... United Arab Emirates !!!

I wonder what my mum would think if I ended becoming a Shepherd ... Most likely she would get annoyed as the degree is worthless in the desert unless you needed toilet paper xD Hahaha

If you see closely I think you can just about see a bridge that is going to be used by many business men in 2022 to go to Boubyan Island to visit the new Silk City that is under construction ... can't wait

After driving towards Boubyan Island there was a dead end due to the Subiya Power Plant. Only way was to come back and then go straight the other way towards Iraq. I guess we got to the border but I won't be going to Iraq anytime soon. Though I want to go ... beautiful country to say the least.

Short detour to Abdaly Farms where we seen .... wait for it ...... CAMELS :)) Yaayyy for me

After about 6 hours in the desert we decided it was time to return to Kuwait and go home. What an exciting adventure :) I will be doing it again someday I hope.


  1. Oh wow, you were up on MY side of town :) I live closer to all of this than I do Kuwait City. We go to that desert often and I absolutely LOVE Mutla'a Ridge. Especially in the winter. Great pictures!

  2. Thank you American Girl for your awesome comment. Being in Kuwait City has its benefits but I am sick of the same things everyday. I know there are a lot of adventurous things to do in Kuwait and although I had no idea where I was going I had a blast. Your side of town really brings out what true Arabia is all about. I wish I could have met some of the Bedouins who were with their camels but I understand that Bedouin Arabic is different in dialect so better not make their lives hard as my regular Arabic sounds Italian and making a fool of myself in the desert is not really my thing.

    I am a bit disappointed though as Kuwait has so much of land and yet everything in the city is squeezed like a hamster in its cage. If Kuwait were spread more throughout the country they would have been more structured and progressive as a country. Kuwait is lacking on structure but not on land or the financial capability to build the best country in the World. I guess we can only hope for change to be in the horizon and for the people to wake up soon.

    P.S. American Girl - I have read your blog and find your posts very informative and inspirational. On behalf of all the readers I would like to thank you for all the work and effort that you've put into the posts. I was intrigued by the post about how you try to educate the Western world about the true Arabian culture as you get to experience all its wonders first hand :)