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Help Stop Animal Cruelty in Kuwait

So last night I got an opportunity to speak to a brave and extraordinary young girl who share with me heartbreaking stories about animals. Being 18 years old and having her own problems in life she still tries her best to inform people in Kuwait that animals are living things and need to be treated with love and care.

She has seen guys running over Kittens and thinking it is funny whereas it is a sin even in Islam to harm an animal. She found out that there are causes like K'SPATH shelter, petzone and Kuwait PAWS which work on helping out animals.

This brave young lady has taken care of many animals that she has found stranded and shared a story of a kitten she found stranded on the street
... The Kitten in the picture ... Is an abandoned one from the streets ... I got him at the age of 2 weeks but now he is older ..... His mom left him in the heat for 12 hours with no milk or anything
She is a hero and an inspiration to others to show compassion to animals
I once rescued a dog from our neighbor ... It was a 3 month old puppy .. He was skinny .. And he chose me .. And I took him in but they came lookin for him so I had to give him back but then 2 weeks later the puppy ran away from them again and came to me (much more skinnier) ... And I decided I won't give him back again so I kept him and named him JACK ... Took care of him and gave him some proteins ... Vitamins food and he got chubby. Taking care of Jack is hard as I had to study as well so I gave him to my cousin for a few months ... I felt bad because my cousins neighbors hated mutts and threw Jack (GSD MIX) Off the Roof ... Jack was 6 months old at the time and fainted for half an hour. I got so pissed and yelled at my cousin ... And then again ... The neighbor killed a dog by forcing him to drink dettol ... Yeah he's an Ahole!!! He killed his own female pitbull and killed a husky by hitting him so BAD. And he tried to kill Jack but couldn't as Jack is an angel and survived being hit badly. People here don't care and I don't like that. I got Jack after he was hit .. When he saw me he barked and howled and whined and I felt bad for him but now I got a good home for him. Gave him to Americans .. And not long ago I seen them walking Jack and he was happy and healthy and I was glad I gotta chance to help. Because there are too many heartless people in this World and if not me?? I don't know when will people here speak up. This needs to be revealed and the truth must come out.

You know ... I lost my puppy and he went missing for 11 days and I didn't give up because I love him too much to give up on him ... And I found him .. After finding Igor (my puppy) I micro-chipped him and got him a new collar and a Tag which has his name and my number from behind so now I won't loose him ... I love all my pets ... Jessie (white terrier mix), Moki (the abandoned kitten), Taffy (my Siamese), Igor (my pitbull puppy) and all other animals. I am still 18 ... And I have my own problems in life ... Having problems I am still standing strong ... Helping others. My Pets keep me strong. I was saved by dogs twice .. And know I am ready to put my life in danger just to save a pet. My relatives whom I live with hate animals and yet I fight SUPER HARD for them. They are the ones keeping me happy, safe and alive all of them. I have rescued 1 angora bunny, and my pets are 2 fish 2 cats 2 dogs and soon I'm getting 2 mice.
This little girl is such an inspiration and amazing to say the least. Most 18 year olds aren't as matured as she is. It is true that many people in Kuwait are ignorant but there are some who have tried to increase awareness as to what is happening. LWDLIK, AGW, DG and bananaq8 are some examples and there are many more. I was actually looking for one in specific but cannot seem to find it. Oh well this will do for now. I wish her the best of luck and I want to help her out as best as I can :)

Update: The story continues as the brave girl would also like to share the videos she made :)

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