Monday, June 4, 2012

Dust Storm in Kuwait

In the past 2 days the weather in Kuwait has been dusty and here are some pictures of the amazing weather.

Day 1

On the 50 heading to the City

At the end of the city. It is clear that the sand storm was bad as the building were invisible.

Day 2

This is on my way back from college

The best thing about this is that the weather didn't affect me as much as some of my friends. It is important if you have breathing problems to stay indoors or go to the hospital. Also some people had nose bleeds and I was told a good solution is to rest your head back and cover your nose with a tissue. Once the bleeding stops, please go see a doctor

The best aspect of the whole day was to see that the whole atmosphere is covered with dust and yet this small tree still kept its greeness. This gives you inspiration about the environment and how being 'green' is important, oh well it did to me


  1. for some reason, i am developing an acute allergy this year, can't stand the sand anymore!!

    1. For some reason I can't stop sneezing at times :(
      The weather is truly different this year round.

  2. أتمنى تزور موقعنا و مدونتنا و تعجبكم انشالله

    1. شكرا لك على تعليقك وسيكون شرف لي لزيارة بلوق الخاص بك