Sunday, December 16, 2012

Inspiration from an Inspiring individual

Abdullah Malik
I have realized that most of my posts have been on a negative side but today is a whole new setting. I have recently found out about a long distance runner named Abdullah Malik. He is a Kuwaiti but he lives in USA. So now what is so special about this individual? Well simply put he has a passion for running after his dreams.
The picture to the right is of my friend before and after. He used to weigh approximately 140 kilos when he was 17 years old and then he dropped down to 80 kilos. The secret is simple: Atkins diet. Abdullah didn't have it easy but his passion for focusing on his dream made him become who he is. The article below talks about how he met the man who he considered to be the 'fastest runner in the world' and this builds up ones hope to do something extraordinary in life. I have had that feeling before and it drives you to feel that everything is possible. Need to get my mojo back in the words of Auston Powers :p This my friends proves that there is a lot of potential amongst the generations of young adults in the world. When you have a passion and have a commitment then you should not stop until you attain what makes you happy. We live life once so why not live it to the maximum.

Below are two English articles and if anyone is interested to share their story please do let me know.

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