Monday, January 9, 2012

Men and Women moving further apart

Source: Adapted from Google Images

"Arab Times, Jan 8: Mars and Venus are much further apart than previously thought - and we're not talking about planets. In research just published, three European psychologists, using a new model for analysing personality differences between men and women, claimed the gap between the genders has been solely underestimated in previous studies."

In my opinion this is very clear in the society but what do you think? I thought it was a Kuwait thing at first but turns out it is a global problem. How to solve it is the question since it can lead to people feeling depressed and seeking companionship/friendship but due to the fact that ....

Source: Adapted from Google Images

.... This is what's happening in the society and has become a norm (sick) that it is hard to change the way people think. I wish the society was more normal where friendship is acceptable under respectful terms and that people take life more seriously where if they're interested in a woman, they get married rather than play the stupid games that are going on.

What can be done .... Nothing? Something! Don't know :/

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